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Looking For 4 + People For A Marketing Opportunity

I need 4+ people for an Internet Marketing opportunity. 

No experience is needed, full training and marketing materials will be provided. 

All you will be required to do is share links and post ads in classified websites. This can take as little as 20 minutes a day, 3 days a week. You can work as little or as much as you like. All you need to do is find referrals and the more referrals you gain, the more money you earn. 

This opportunity is excellent for someone who is looking to make a passive income. It is a Multi-Level-Marketing opportunity and once you have gained a few referrals, you can sit back and let them do the work for you. Alternatively, you can continue to work and gain more referrals and earn more money. 

A small investment of $1.75 USD is required. Some people may feel uncomfortable with making this small investment so if you have any questions, I will be happy to answer them. It is a very small investment, but the earning potential is huge.

For more information, watch the video below and please visit this link: 

Secret Government Documents Reveal Vaccines To Be A Total Hoax

I answered a question about vaccinations today, the question has disappeared but I found some info that I would have liked to post on that question. Oh well, I will post it here instead.

Here is a link to the article: Secret Government Documents Reveal Vaccines To Be A Total Hoax

I suggest everyone download the PDF that the article links to and keeps a copy.


Promoting My Android Apps... A List

Here is a list of my Android Apps. Some are available on the google play store, others aren't. I will give you the Google Play link when possible.

Mobile Casino -Play casino games on your mobile device. Play for free or for real money for your chance to win some real cash. This app is not available on the Google Play store. 

iHookup Free Mobile Dating  (Alternative link) -IHookup : Casual Dating based on Sexual Chemistry


Creating an account is fast, fun and free.


1 - Create your free account

Creating an iHookup account to meet local singles is fast and fun. Let us know as little or as much as you like. Your profile is anonymous, so flirting online is always safe. Our privacy tools allow you to share only as much as you like with other members.


2 - Get matched sexually

Most dating sites put a premium on personality profiling that keep you from focusing on what's really important - that spark of sexual chemistry you share with hot girls or hot guys. We match members on vital sexual compatibility factors such as sex drive, adventurousness, and kink-factor.


3 - Hookup with confidence

The iHookup matching algorithm predicts who you will be most sexually compatible with. Narrow down the list of hot girls and hot guys by hearing each other's voice, meeting on webcam and building anticipation. When you meet you'll be confident that you're in for a great hookup.

Classifieds For eBay -Have quick access to the popular eBay Classifieds site.

Free Tarot Plus (Alternative Link) -Free tarot, numerology, runes, i ching, yes or no oracle and more.

FlirtyMob Mobile Chat -This is a subscription app. Pay a small weekly fee to chat to singles via text.

Gumtree UK (Alternative Link) -One of the UK's most popular classifieds. 

Click2Donate (Alternative Link) -Click2Donate is a list of click to donate websites where you don't need to spend money to donate to charity, all you have to do is click the button or link when prompted and advertising proceeds generated from your click will go to charity.

TimeWasters (Alternative Link) -A collection of classic and entertaining time wasting sites like Passive-Agressive notes and Lamebook.

Australian Public Toilet Map (Alternative Link) -This is a very handy app if you live in Australia. based on your location (via GPS), you can find the nearest public toilets or if you are travelling somewhere, you can enter the address or postal code and find the nearest public toilets close to that location.

Zoo Weekly Reader -Unofficial app for the popular Australian website/online magazine "Zoo Weekly"

Gumtree Australia (Alternative Link)  -Australias most popular classifieds site for your Android. Browse, respond to and post ads.

Mind-Altering Sounds (Alternative Link) -Brainwave Entrainment by SoundWave FX (created by me) This is another little hobby turned business of mine. Mind-Altering Sounds currently contains 4 full length brainwave entrainment tracks with more to be added eventually. Stereo headphones are required.

And The Rest...  have a few more apps available on the Google Play Store that aren't really worth mentioning but this links to all my apps on the Google Play Store and I will be adding more apps very soon.

I'm having a glass of wine right now.

Actually, I am on my forth or something like that. I have also smoked a little bit of weed so I may appear to be drunker than usual. My apologies. I'm having some wind-down time at the moment. My brain needs this every now and then.

Oh geez, I forgot what I was going to write about now. I had something that I wanted to say, but I forgot. I will probably remember it later on tonight when my computer is turned off and I am trying to go to sleep. That's usually how it works. As I slip into that lovely, sleepy twilight-state and my brain starts sorting out all the thoughts that I had today, I will suddenly remember and get the urge to post about it. If I don't post it then I can't go back to sleep. My brain can be a pain in the arse sometimes. I still love it though. Geez I sound egotistical.

Geez is my new swear word from now on, I don't usually swear much -I actually swear more in my head than I do out loud but I am still trying to stop swearing. Some people are able to get away with swearing, and I am not one of them. I sound ridiculous, almost comical when I swear, it's just not natural. Some people swear and it sounds natural. Not for me, I sound like a really old lady who wears a flowery dress, saying "f*ck" for the first time in her entire life. People find it amusing, absolutely nothing like the tough nut that I think I sound like.

Another reason for saying the word "geez" is because I tend to use "Jesus Christ" as a swear word a lot. I don't want to do that anymore. I don't have an issue with other people saying it, but I just don't feel right about saying it myself. I'm a Christian now and I am dedicated to it because for me, it is the right path. I am definitely not the best Christian, far from it but I know that God appreciates even the smallest gestures of love. Humans were made in Gods image, that means that we feel the same emotions that God feels but on a much smaller scale of course (We mere humans couldn't handle the intensity of the emotions that God feels. Only God is capable of that. However God has given us the opportunity to feel a tiny fraction of what God feels because all emotions are beautiful. Even the bad, negative emotions good because they give you a chance to really appreciate the good emotions.) Oh dam, I forgot what I was talking about again.

I read the paragraph and now I remember. Where I am going with this is basically, as a human with a tiny fraction of the emotions that God feels, I know that I really appreciate the smaller gestures of love. What I mean is the things that don't seem like much, but have taken the other person a lot of effort to do. For example, giving up a bad habit (like swearing) for a loved one. It's certainly not the hardest thing in the world, but it is tough to break a habit. If someone breaks a habit for you then you know that they love you in some way. 

What I am saying is that even though trying to stop my swearing is only a tiny gesture of love, I know that in some way God appreciates it. I'm not the best Christian and I have much worse habits that I need to break, but I am new to this. I have only been a Christian for a couple years. I am becoming a better Christian as I go along but it is still a process.

If people knew the things that went on in my head, I would be put in a mental institution. My whole life there has been this "spiritual warfare" going on in my head. Even when I was around 5-6 years old, maybe younger. I was sexually abused at around 5-6 years old so that may have set this whole spiritual thinking mind-set in me off, but I really think that I was probably just born this way. My life path number is 11 in numerology which is a very spiritual life path. I shouldn't put my trust in numerology since I am a Christian but the funny thing is that one of the many things that lead me to Christianity was numerology and my life-path number. I did a numerology reading one day and my summery on my life path number (11) was that for most of my life I would be searching for the right spiritual path and the whole time it would be right under my nose and deep down I would know what it is. It was that, along with many other experiences that lead me to Christianity. 

This spiritual warfare that is going on in my head, is enough to make people think that I am insane. I just don't talk about it too much. I am sure people think I am insane as it is. It's a battle that goes on in my thoughts and in my dreams and even when I astral project (not a very Christian thing to do, but I get the feeling that there might be a reason why I can do it, maybe get a better understanding on things) and the battle is between me and Satan. God is right there with me but it isn't Gods fight. It is my soul and my fight. God gave us free will for a reason. I'm not on my own. God will give me help whenever I ask for it, but I just have to remember to ask for it. God wants me to win the battle because if I win the battle then I will get to choose who I want to be with and that is God. God loves me just like God loves everyone else. God wants me there by Gods side but it is my choice.

Satan comes along and tries to seduce me with his fake promises and false light. Sometimes I nearly fall for it but there is something deep down that is stopping me from falling for Satan's crap, and that is the love that I feel for God and the love that I feel from God. I don't really feel that love from the false light (Satan) I actually feel a sense of coldness. 

A good analogy for it would be having the parent who can't afford much but offers you their unconditional love and support throughout your life, then having another parent who can offer you all the money that you need but can't offer you the love and support that you really want, need and crave for.

God isn't an enabler. God will give you the love, strength and support that you need to get through life but there are no hand-outs. You need to sort your life out on your own. Satan is an enabler. Satan will give you the things that you want, but will never give you the things that you really need. Satan will make life easy for you, but in the end is that what you really need? I mean, you miss out on all the beautiful lessons that God has to teach you. One of the most valuable things in this universe is knowledge. The real knowledge that is valuable comes from the life lessons that we have to learn. Satan takes that away from us, God gives it to us.

Satan sometimes comes to me in my dreams. When I am awake, there are other negative entities that bug me, but Satan only comes to me in my dreams and there have only been a few. Satan comes to me as Lucifer, a being of light. Satan knows that the first thing that I am going to do, if I am scared, is pray to God. So instead of scaring me, Satan tries to seduce me. Satan knows that my weakness is spirituality and knowledge so that is where Satan hits and he hits hard. 

I know that the true knowledge lies with God. The best way to describe Satan is a magician with a bunch of really great magic tricks. Illusions. Mind-tricks. God is the one who gives me what I really need to know.

I am getting to that point where I am having trouble tying. I have drunk a fair bit and smoked (weed) a fair bit. I am getting slow and it's time to watch some tv and chill out. I am "winding down" at the moment and it is a process. I need to chill for a bit. Might blog a bit later, but we'll see.

::- )

I have created a new website/forum

I have created a new website. Actually, it is a forum. Red Pill Forums. It's a little empty right now, and I am the only member at the moment but I am trying to build it up a bit and add a few posts to attract new members.

It's a conspiracy forum, hence the name. I created it after I got kicked off for using multiple IP addresses. It wasn't my intention to use a different IP address every time I logged onto godlikeproductions. It's just that I use a pocket-wifi modem and every time I switch it off (which is whenever I am not using the internet, to save on data) and then switch it back on, I am assigned a new IP address.

I sent godlikeproductions an email explaining why my IP is constantly changing and requested that they lift the ban, but got an email back saying that my request has been denied. I was actually surprised when they denied my request to lift the ban because I was very polite in my email to them and I thought that I did a good job at explaining why my IP changes. I wasn't a trouble maker in that forum and was civil in my posts.

Oh well, their loss. They said that eventually the ban will be lifted but I am going to make my own conspiracy forum anyway.


That is my very rough logo that I created for the forum. I did it really quickly with the intention of replacing it with something better quality later, but I kinda like it. I might keep it, we'll see what happens.

Anyways, I am having a little trouble coming up with conspiracy posts for the forum. I usually have no problem with coming up with new threads/posts for a conspiracy forum but right now I am drawing a blank. This happens a lot for me. I have no issues contributing to someone elses website, but when it comes to one of my own I struggle. It's a bit annoying.

I am inviting anyone who is interested in conspiracy theories, alternative news or finding out the truth to become one of the first members of the Red Pill Forums and contribute.

To attract new members, I have added an "Advertising forum" where members can advertise their websites or affiliate links. It's a great opportunity to get backlinks to your website and eventually when more members join the forum, a chance to earn money on your affiliate links. Obviously I don't want Red Pill Forums to become nothing but advertisements as it is a conspiracy forum, but I thought it would be a good way to keep the spammy posts out of the main forums. Also, as someone who makes a living online, I know that it is nice to have a place to advertise your products and services. Affiliate links are also allowed in your signature.

I am still setting up the forum at the moment, adding a few features and seeing if they work. People are welcome to join and start contributing immediately, but they may notice a few changes being made to the forum over the next few days.

It's Wine Time!

I know that it is only 5pm in the afternoon (South Aussie time) but I am used to drinking way earlier than this and I haven't had a drink in about 3 weeks. So I have decided to enjoy a glass of wine now.

I am feeling kinda tipsy and I am in the mood for blogging. I don't like to write on my real blog while I am tipsy. That is serious business, okay not really but I still don't want to write on that blog while I am tipsy, as I have gained a few regular readers over the past few months and don't want to disappoint them with my spelling mistakes.


That's my banner, just testing it out. It's not your typical banner size, I need to adjust it but like I said, I am tipsy right now and I keep making mistakes. To hell with it for now.

Yes, I thought that now would be a good time to promote my blog. Click on the banner, you will be taken to my blog. I hope so anyway. That was the whole idea of making the banner. If it doesn't work well then fuck, let me know.

Just so you know, my blog isn't a sex blog. Sorry sex fiends... I know there is a pair of sexy legs in the banner and pictured on the blog but it has nothing to do with sex. The fact is that those sexy legs that are pictured, have helped me gain over 500 visitors a month and counting. A minute achievement in the blogging world, a huge achievement for me. I would like to think that the content of the blog might have something to do with it as well.

For anyone who wants to know, my blog contains things like:

and last but not least, my most popular blog post to date:

Nope, no sex stories here. Just good old fashioned posts about jello shots and high heels.

I highly recommend the post 5 Of The Best Music Mashups I Have Ever Heard . It's very good, Credit doesn't go to me though. Credit goes to the person who created the mashups, you will find out more about them if you visit my blog.

By the way, if you are wondering about the spelling "Hellen HighHeels" I know that "Hellen" is spelled wrong. It is a bit of a play on the whole "Hell On High Heels" thing. Originally this was going to be a blog about the dating scene and how a women in her late 20's (that would be me of course) steals the hearts of men. Well it turns out that my life is pretty boring and no hearts are being stolen so I resorted to making "top 5" and "top 10" lists. It turned out to be a good move on my part as since creating those posts, I have started getting over 50 hits a day and hope to be getting close to 1000 hits a day by the end of the year. It's a realistic expectation as long as I keep posting and promoting. Just gotta stick with it.

Anyways, If anyone who happens to be reading this wants to do a link exchange, please message me. I have a blog that is getting over 50 hits a day and I expect that to double within the next month, then double again the month after that. I would be happy to post your links on my blog if you post my links on your blog. 

I do have a few requirements though:

Despite the sexy legs picture in my blog header, I am trying to keep it clean as my family can see this blog so I wont be posting to any overly sexual blogs. Dating and relationships is okay, a little risque' is fine, just nothing too sexual. 

Also, I have some pretty strong political views. I am against the New Wold Order, the illuminati and anything that swings that way so I wont link to you if you are one of the sheeple that is unknowingly promoting the NWO. Sorry, I know that you probably don't know that you are promoting them, but I just can't link to your blog if you are.  I will let you know. My political views are complicated...

I am also more interested in linking to blogs that aren't getting very many hits. If you do get more than 50 hits per day and still want to link to me, then great, I am happy to exchange links, I have plenty of space on my blog. However, I am interested in helping out people who don't have many daily hits on their blog. I can reach my goal of 1000 links per day by the end of the year with or without link exchange. That is not a problem for me. I do know what it is like to be just starting out with a new blog and not get many daily hits and really wished that someone with a more popular blog would have helped me out with link exchange. Backlinks do help your search engine rank and if I can send a few hits your way and help you increase your desirability to advertisers then I am happy to help. Regardless of how many hits per day you get even if it is none, a link exchange will still help me out with the search engines. It's a win-win situation. So if you are just starting out with a blog, or have had one for a while and don't get many hits then let me know. I will have a look at your blog and if I think that it is not too sexual and doesn't go against my political views then we can exchange links.

I know, I may seem a little over-confident now when it comes to my blog. However, after seeing my blogger stats I am over-joyed. I have looked at what posts have received the most hits and will continue to make posts that are similar. Yesterday I got 67 hits and the past couple weeks I have been getting around 50 daily hits. It may not seem like much compared to many other blogs (Mashable gets something like 10,000 daily hits), but I have been trying to create a blog that got a decent amount of daily hits for years. I have put so much effort into writing the posts and never got any hits. Hellen HighHeels comes easy for me. Blogging for Hellen HighHeels is fun, slightly exciting and has been a dream for me for the past few years. I started the blog around August 2011 and for the first few months I didn't get many hits. Since February this year I changed my blogging style and started getting more hits. Now it is snow-balling and every day I am gaining more and more readers.

My blog has become more desirable to advertisers which means more earning potential. I work from home at the moment, but I have to do several different jobs to keep the income flowing. By the end of the year, when I hope to be getting 1000 daily hits I could be possibly earning a decent income from blogging alone. This is my dream and I am very excited by this.

North Korea is directing missiles towards Australia.

North Korea will be testing missiles and they are aimed towards South East Asia and Australia. The impact is expected to be between Australia, Indonesia and the Philippines. There really isn't that much ocean between those countries, so there isn't really room for any mistakes.

Apparently there have been previous missile tests aimed over Japan and they weren't too happy about it. This is the first time that they will be aiming south.

The article where I got my information from can be found here:

Chances are that it wont impact any of the countries mentioned, but it is still going to piss a lot of people off. 

A few questions have popped into my mind over this. I am a little skeptical of everything that I read in the mainstream media these days. That doesn't mean that I will always believe that a story presented in the mainstream media is not true, it's just that my mind is always filled with questions after reading something.

Could be an excuse to start another war, I don't know.

I'm drunk

It's 6:36pm saturday 24th of march 2012. I am smashed.

I had plans tonight, they fell through. I was so amped up. Had a few drinks this afternoon with my mum and her friends and started getting ready, then got a message from my friend telling me that she was sick and not going out tonight so I started drinking quite fast and now I am drunk.

I understand when plans fall through, its all good. Its just that I was so amped up tonight to see people and now I am drunk with no were to go. I guess it is a good thing. I don't like to go out this drunk. I like to have a few drinks before I go out, but not this many. Usually I have drugs when I drink and that keeps me going. Haven't had any   tonight so I seem drunker than usual.

No, no. I am not a massive druggie, say what you want. I know the statistics. I am making an educated choice so shut up, the lot of you. I very rarely have "big nights out" so on the odd occasion that I do I am not going to alow anyone to give me grief. 

Anyways, I am now drunk and feeling sociable. Yet my friends are no longer going out tonight and my mums friends went home coz my mum got sick (she is not a big drinker) so I am doing this on my own,

I have already started listening to 80's tracks. I am still drinking, even though there seems to be no point. I was drinking wine and passion pop. Both were too strong on their own, so I decided to mix them together and see what happens. 

Well, I think it is going to be an early night for me. I am getting a bit tired. Still going to drink and listen to 80's tracks for a little longer though.


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